Well, here is to starting off my very first blog! Well, the very first hopefully-successful one anyway. I really want to share my ideas and fashion sense with the world. I've always loved clothes, and wearing something that states, "I'm Megan, and I'm different." So, over the years I've come to realize, I have this very odd fascination with boots. Yes, boots. I had my first pair when I was about twelve. They were pleather, they were knee high, and they had terrible, chunky heels. I loved them. I wore them everywhere, and wore them with everything. I recall earning money just to buy them from the PX (Post Exchange; a store on a military instillation) and I refused to wear any other shoes, even out playing. I wore them faithfully, until the cheap, fake leather began rubbing off the toes and the zipper broke off. Sadly, I abandon them, and moved onto my next pair of shoes, or clothing that captured my easily-distracted twelve-year old mind. And even today, I find myself wearing boots as much as possible. I'd even wear them to work if I could. And today's Look, is nothing short of just an excuse to wear my new boots. :D

I bought the boots off Amazon, right after Christmas. The shirt is something I've just absolutely loved since I bought it at Kohls. I'm a sucker for those waistbands and divided white/color. And the tights and button up were on sale. I'm also wearing my peacock feather necklace. Altogether, about a sixty dollar outfit. And it doesn't look half bad, right? If only my hair weren't so darned stubborn, haha.


Justin said...

I like this outfit. You always look so beautiful. <3

Oh to be a Muse said...

very nice blog. love the background.

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