Wow, it's been so long since I posted here! That's okay though, because I plan on making a full comeback. Well, hm, there has been a lot going on in my life at the moment. Right now, I'm in St. Louis! I'm visiting my boyfriend (two years in May) and enjoying a nice vacation for two weeks. The weather has been lovely, but now it's starting to snow! Crazy Missouri weather. By the way, I've been here like seven times and STILL fail to see the famous Arch. I know, I know, but it just seems soooo, tourist-y? I'll see it... someday. When I've run out of things to do.

Well, anyway, I've gone and done something I thought I would never do again. I remember being about fifteen, and wanting to dye my hair like all the other girls my age. I had to practically beg my mother to let me, and as soon as her wall of determination was whittled down to nothing, I splurged on a box of gingery-red hair dye. Massive mistake. I looked so terrible, I'm not even going to give you all a picture of my misfortune. Well, I waited, and waited for that dye to finally leave me alone, and as my cat as my witness I swore to never dye my hair again. So, it's been a dull brown for the last five years, minus a few highlight changes. Well, on a sheer act of impulse, I decided to try dyeing it again. Boy was I scared. I had to enlist the help of Justin (the boyfriend) to douse my head in the magenta-tinted red I wanted. He did fairly well for a first-timer! Minus a few roots above my ears, but we enjoyed ourselves. If you haven't had your significant help you with this, I advise you do! We had a lot of laughs. ANYWAY, the result was just what I wanted, and I'm soooo very happy with it!

What do you think? I'm satisfied with it, but you know I'd really appreciate some honest opinions. Well, there is that. Another thing is, I've decided, I'm going to get a pet rabbit. Why? Well, because they're small, and fuzzy and warm and you can walk them on a leash! Yes. You can walk them. Or really, they walk you, but that isn't the point. You can also litter box train them. And I've owned bunnies before, they're so cute and cuddly. Well, I wanna know if any of you have a rabbit? What's their names, how long have you had one? Etc. Also, where do you keep it? But yes, hair dyed, bunny fever. What else? Oh! I've recently been using Dailybooth, so if you wanna F4F (hehe, nerd talk) I'll give you this here little bitty link and you can add me and I'll return the favor! Click me please! And you can also follow me on Twitter, which nice and nifty in the sidebar. Well, that's all for now! I'll be adding a post again sometime next week! Also, soon I would like to hold a contest for a certain item. So keep those eyes peeled! Love you all, and enjoy your weekends!


Hello friends! Long time no see, eh? Sorry for my hiatus, been very, very busy as of late. Particularly with my little Youtube experiment. I've turned to vlogging! Yes, video blogging. It's really fun! Interesting and new. I've always been pretty self-conscious with my looks, my hair, even my skin, and putting myself out there for people to poke at is a big step! We all have to take risks though, right? Well, a few weeks after my initial youtube escapade, I saw an ad for a contest. The Kia Soul "Who's Next?" Competition. I was curious. So, I looked into it. I was overtaken by an extreme excitement! Kia along with Youtube's biggest stars, Smosh, LisaNova and ShayCarl, are hosting a fabulous contest to crown one lucky winner Youtube's next big star! I had to enter. Even if my chances were zero to one. So, I have, and I am trying to get the word out about my entry. I want to win this more than I've ever wanted anything ladies! It would make my little heart burst if I were to achieve this amazing goal in my life. SO! If you would be a complete dear, and visit the link I provide, watch the video like/favorite/comment/share or subscribe (or all of them, that would be amazing!) I will love you forever. This means a lot to me, and I've worked so hard on this video. Please, please help me out! <3>


What else is new? Well, I've been considering getting a little nostril piercing. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of piercings in obvious, obnoxious places, but, some little studs on the curve of your nose are oh-so-attractive. They seem mysterious, alluring, feminine in quality. I don't know. I've gotten the okay from the mother and the boyfriend, so it's all up to me. I'm tossing it up in the air. A part of me is terrified of the pain, and another is terrified of the change, but I don't know, let me know what you think! Have you had a piercing? Would you like one? How much pain should I expect? Is it worth it?

I'm also reading the new Stephenie Meyer book just out of curiosity. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I'll let you all know how I like it. So expect a review of sorts! Thanks soooo much for reading, have a wonderful week!


Having a good weekend? I know I am! It's nice to just relax in this nice weather as of late. It's so sunny and warm out lately, I pray it stays this way. Well, as promised, today I'm going to show you all some of the vintage things I got from the thrift store last week. Three outfits this time! Hurray! Haha, well, to start off, I really want to share this one with you. It was that little polka-dotted twp- piece I was telling you all about. It's just too darn adorable. Well, I don't really know what to call it, you know? It could be called a jumper, maybe. At first, like I said, I thought it was a dress, but it's got legs, actually. And it is way too many sizes big for me, yet fits perfectly! Hmmm, as mysterious as this one is, I absolutely love it! In this picture I'm wearing my blue jumper, with a pair of tights, an old blue button-up and my handy-dandy white vest. Of course, complete with cute heels. Hehe, and in the third picture from the left, I'm chewing on one of my daddy's pipes. Yes, he smokes a pipe like an old Seaman. I always loved the smell of his pipe, especially when he smokes the apple scented good stuff. Anyway, I just love this outfit. Total cost? About fifteen bucks, shoes not included. Thrift stores have amazing prices.

And this next outfit is so cute. The skirt is a little itchy, but aren't all vintage wool items? Hehe, anywho. I love that skirt so much, and it fits so snugly. It just has that innocent, perfect little school girl look. And my mother and I were talking about how when she was young, she would wear those, and as was the style, all the girls would fasten their skirts with big blanket pins! I thought that was so neat. And she went and even surprised me by buying some off ebay. I'm not wearing them in this picture, but I'll have to take another with pins included. The skirt was three dollars, along with a nice button-up shirt, my trusty nerd glasses, a belt snug over my waist to accentuate that very sad figure of mine, haha, and simple heels. Also, you have no idea how hard it is to get a decent picture in the dark with a candle. The flame likes to play games with the camera! But I thought it was a pretty nifty idea to try. The outfit was about ten bucks! Not bad, huh?

And, finally, I have one of my favorite pieces. My vintage fitted blazer. It is so warm too! The fabric is a rich velvet-like red (very soft). There is a single button at the waist, and I intend to replace it. It used to be a jewel, but it fell out over the years I guess. I just have to decide what sort of button I want there. Or, leave it be, as it is.I don't quite know. Anyway, I'm also wearing this cute silk shirt I bought at Kohls and the pair of shorts I also bought at the thrift store. My favorite pair of tights and my suede boots bent over and zipped up to my ankles to give it that unique look. I'm also wearing my new favorite necklace. It's too freaking cute, and it's the only one I can seem to find that has that old, vintage collector look. I'd really love a cameo necklace, so badly, and I'm on the lookout for one, but nothing quite yet. I could order one easy off modcloth, but talk about expensive! I doooo so love their clothes though. I must look at it all daily, hehe. Oh, and before I forgot, I made a little ring out of a piece of red ribbon that slipped off my bath robe! Yes, my robe. I didn't want to waste it (I LOVE ribbon) so I put it to use. You can barely see it in the largest picture with my blazer. Well, that's it for now! I'll show the rest of my vintage things as soon as possible! Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and please, spread the word about my blog! I'd love more followers.


Hey everyone, Cruel Thing is having a fantastic blog giveaway! It's this wonderful vintage bag! The post and blog can be found here: here. Gorgeous isn't it? I think you'll agree with me when I say she has amazing taste. Alright, well, I'm posing this because I am entering in her nice, little contest so that I might have a chance at winning! To be honest, I'm excited, I've never really tried to win anything. Anyway, I'd really love to own this wonderful bag (I only have one) and I'm really trying to expand my vintage collection. And, we really don't have very many locations around where I live to buy vintage items. I think it's wonderful of you to do this too! Very generous, and quite smart, I can imagine the amount of people flocking in to claim this very dashing looking bag. I hope you choose me though, and until you announce who you do decide to pick, I have my fingers crossed and your blog bookmarked! So go on over to Cruel Thing's blog everyone, and enter to win her bag! Or, just read some other posts, they're all fantastic! Thanks for reading!


Hurray for the weekend! Hope you're all enjoying it, as usual. Hope you found that perfect pair of shoes, or maybe that cute little dress you've been looking for. I know we've all had those moments. It's like love at first sight! You see it sitting there on the rack, and you approach it excitedly, making sure no one else is eying it. Upon reaching it, you inspect the price, and it's perfect! And miraculously, it's your exact size! You and that item were meant to be. I had that experience today, while at the thrift store. I was slinking along the racks, waiting for that perfect shirt to jump out at me. I was looking for something vintage, something that just screamed "Look at me!" and there it was. A white polka-dotted nave blue skirt. I was upon it in seconds. To my surprise, it wasn't a skirt at all! It was half a piece to a two-piece set. The half I got was actually shorts, that had straps that went over the shoulders and rests on your abdomen. There are four little gold buttons up the center that just pull the piece together. It is adorable. I will have pictures up soon, in my next possibly. I got a few other items as well, including a vest, two vintage fitted blazers, and skirt! It was a wonderful day for finding vintage items! With my mother's help I was excitedly running to the register with an armful! Well, my weekend has been stupendous. I hope yours has as well.

Now for my weekly outfit! This one was a lot of fun to do. I'm wearing a very long purple shirt (with an adorable design on the back I wish you could see). Around the waist, I took my nifty black ribbon and tied it in a neat little bow. The tights I'm wearing are something I picked up in Walmart for five dollars! I love them too, I've never seen any quite like them. The shoes are a nice pair of silk pumps I picked up while in Missouri a few months ago. In my hair is a piece I made myself. I took a hair band and a cute little black ribbon and glued it on. It just matches so well! And of course, my puppy Lydia is wearing a bow as well. She is always wearing some sort of bow (yes, I do this to her. She is just too cute, fluffy and white to pass up!). And on my neck is my favorite little faux pearl necklace. It's my outfit that screams, "I want Spring, now!" I do really miss the sun, and I want to be able to wear my clothes out and about without having a heavy coat on. :(

Well, hope you all enjoyed this short albeit rambling post, hehe. Enjoy your week.


Hope you're all having a great weekend, I know I am, no work! Well, I'm going to hurry and write this post because I'm super busy lately updating and posting looks to my Lookbook account. Yup, I was accepted! I applied about two weeks ago with my first blog post picture, and to my surprise I woke up Thursday morning to find an acceptance email on yahoo! I was so surprised and excited, and I had to tell everyone in my house. Hehe, anyway,today, I'm going to share my two looks I posted on Lookbook with the you all.

First off, is this cute, somewhat revealing outfit I threw together yesterday. It's more fashionable than practical. I'm wearing my favorite pair of (surprise!) suede boots without tights, because I'm having trouble finding some nice floral/pattern tights. This would look so cute with them. I'm also wearing an old pair of pin-stripe shorts I bought at Penny's. They are so adorable, and comfy too. As for the top, it's something I bought in Missouri while visiting my boyfriend (who yes, helped pick it out). It's a black somewhat sparkle top with a cute little black ribbon that ties around the waist. As for the accessories, I'm wearing a light blue ribbon in my hair, a set of pearls and my favorite ring. I love this ring, it's so cute, and I wear it just about all the time. Of course, it pales in comparison to my claddagh ring, which I got as a Christmas present from Justin, my very special and wonderful boyfriend. Hehe. But, this was my second submission to Lookbook, and I thought I'd share. All in all, the outfit was actually fairly expensive, but I love every piece in it.

And now, for my second outfit! This was a really fun one. I finally gave into the fad, and bought a pair of nerd glasses, yes, I did. So, I put them to use in this shoot. I'm wearing that same dress in my first picture in my last post, and I'm also wearing my new pair of tights and my Oxford heels. The vest is an old vintage style piece that I got from a yard sale, for free! I've also been thinking about getting my hair cute. I really miss having bangs, but I love the length of my hair right now, and I know, if I go to get my hair done, I'll want the whole thing done, haha. But enough about that. If you comment, please, tell me about your favorite hairstyle! I'm really curious to know! Thanks again for reading!


Happy Late Valentine's Day everyone! I meant to post sooner, but I was waiting on the new camera I'll be using! It's much better than the old one. Anyway, today I'm doing two outfits instead of one, just because I couldn't make up my mind on which one I liked. I'm terrible. I really wanted to show you all my new coat I bought. It is just perfect, and probably my favorite item of clothing to date! It's white, with a gorgeous black floral pattern (and it's soft inside!) It is perfect for wearing skirts or dresses (solid colored ones of course) and every time I look at it I just can't help but want to throw some red in with it. I am a sucker for some nice red contrast. One thing you'll notice is I rarely wear patterns. I'm a solid color kind of girl, and mostly neutral, but I'm working on that, heh. Anyway, this coat happens to have a pattern, and I freaking love it! I bought it for a very reasonable twenty-five dollars (originally forty) and I just can't stop wearing it-- truth be told it's a spring/fall coat, but I'm too impatient, as you can clearly see! We've been getting so much snow here lately, so I don't think spring is coming any time soon. Anyway, the first outfit, with the cute little red umbrella was a modest forty dollars, which I got free due to my mother giving me her forty-dollar Kohls cash! Not too bad, yeah? The dress is from the Candie line, and to be honest, I wasn't very impressed with the other clothes, but this one was neatly displayed on the mannequin with cute little black heels. I had to have it. This dress and I were truly meant to be. The heels are are a flared oxford set I bought a few years ago and I still love. And then the light coat.

Now, for the second picture, I'm wearing something I picked up the other day. It's really cute, and actually really cheap. I just added my favorite pair of boots (yes, boots again) a pearl necklace, my handy coat and voila! A really cute, reasonably cheap outfit. I also added some more red, my Valentine's day rose. Thought'd be a nice touch for my belated wishes to you all. And yes, it was freezing outside when I took these! My legs went numb. But pain is fashion, after all, haha.

Have a nice week everyone, and stay warm, because I know it's probably bitter cold where you are too. Unless you happen to live in Hawaii or somewhere as equally inviting right now. If not, enjoy the snow while you have it!