Wow, it's been so long since I posted here! That's okay though, because I plan on making a full comeback. Well, hm, there has been a lot going on in my life at the moment. Right now, I'm in St. Louis! I'm visiting my boyfriend (two years in May) and enjoying a nice vacation for two weeks. The weather has been lovely, but now it's starting to snow! Crazy Missouri weather. By the way, I've been here like seven times and STILL fail to see the famous Arch. I know, I know, but it just seems soooo, tourist-y? I'll see it... someday. When I've run out of things to do.

Well, anyway, I've gone and done something I thought I would never do again. I remember being about fifteen, and wanting to dye my hair like all the other girls my age. I had to practically beg my mother to let me, and as soon as her wall of determination was whittled down to nothing, I splurged on a box of gingery-red hair dye. Massive mistake. I looked so terrible, I'm not even going to give you all a picture of my misfortune. Well, I waited, and waited for that dye to finally leave me alone, and as my cat as my witness I swore to never dye my hair again. So, it's been a dull brown for the last five years, minus a few highlight changes. Well, on a sheer act of impulse, I decided to try dyeing it again. Boy was I scared. I had to enlist the help of Justin (the boyfriend) to douse my head in the magenta-tinted red I wanted. He did fairly well for a first-timer! Minus a few roots above my ears, but we enjoyed ourselves. If you haven't had your significant help you with this, I advise you do! We had a lot of laughs. ANYWAY, the result was just what I wanted, and I'm soooo very happy with it!

What do you think? I'm satisfied with it, but you know I'd really appreciate some honest opinions. Well, there is that. Another thing is, I've decided, I'm going to get a pet rabbit. Why? Well, because they're small, and fuzzy and warm and you can walk them on a leash! Yes. You can walk them. Or really, they walk you, but that isn't the point. You can also litter box train them. And I've owned bunnies before, they're so cute and cuddly. Well, I wanna know if any of you have a rabbit? What's their names, how long have you had one? Etc. Also, where do you keep it? But yes, hair dyed, bunny fever. What else? Oh! I've recently been using Dailybooth, so if you wanna F4F (hehe, nerd talk) I'll give you this here little bitty link and you can add me and I'll return the favor! Click me please! And you can also follow me on Twitter, which nice and nifty in the sidebar. Well, that's all for now! I'll be adding a post again sometime next week! Also, soon I would like to hold a contest for a certain item. So keep those eyes peeled! Love you all, and enjoy your weekends!


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