Hello friends! Long time no see, eh? Sorry for my hiatus, been very, very busy as of late. Particularly with my little Youtube experiment. I've turned to vlogging! Yes, video blogging. It's really fun! Interesting and new. I've always been pretty self-conscious with my looks, my hair, even my skin, and putting myself out there for people to poke at is a big step! We all have to take risks though, right? Well, a few weeks after my initial youtube escapade, I saw an ad for a contest. The Kia Soul "Who's Next?" Competition. I was curious. So, I looked into it. I was overtaken by an extreme excitement! Kia along with Youtube's biggest stars, Smosh, LisaNova and ShayCarl, are hosting a fabulous contest to crown one lucky winner Youtube's next big star! I had to enter. Even if my chances were zero to one. So, I have, and I am trying to get the word out about my entry. I want to win this more than I've ever wanted anything ladies! It would make my little heart burst if I were to achieve this amazing goal in my life. SO! If you would be a complete dear, and visit the link I provide, watch the video like/favorite/comment/share or subscribe (or all of them, that would be amazing!) I will love you forever. This means a lot to me, and I've worked so hard on this video. Please, please help me out! <3>


What else is new? Well, I've been considering getting a little nostril piercing. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of piercings in obvious, obnoxious places, but, some little studs on the curve of your nose are oh-so-attractive. They seem mysterious, alluring, feminine in quality. I don't know. I've gotten the okay from the mother and the boyfriend, so it's all up to me. I'm tossing it up in the air. A part of me is terrified of the pain, and another is terrified of the change, but I don't know, let me know what you think! Have you had a piercing? Would you like one? How much pain should I expect? Is it worth it?

I'm also reading the new Stephenie Meyer book just out of curiosity. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I'll let you all know how I like it. So expect a review of sorts! Thanks soooo much for reading, have a wonderful week!


Josh said...

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Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i don't have any piercings, but i think a tiny one on the nose would look cute.


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