Hurray for the weekend! Hope you're all enjoying it, as usual. Hope you found that perfect pair of shoes, or maybe that cute little dress you've been looking for. I know we've all had those moments. It's like love at first sight! You see it sitting there on the rack, and you approach it excitedly, making sure no one else is eying it. Upon reaching it, you inspect the price, and it's perfect! And miraculously, it's your exact size! You and that item were meant to be. I had that experience today, while at the thrift store. I was slinking along the racks, waiting for that perfect shirt to jump out at me. I was looking for something vintage, something that just screamed "Look at me!" and there it was. A white polka-dotted nave blue skirt. I was upon it in seconds. To my surprise, it wasn't a skirt at all! It was half a piece to a two-piece set. The half I got was actually shorts, that had straps that went over the shoulders and rests on your abdomen. There are four little gold buttons up the center that just pull the piece together. It is adorable. I will have pictures up soon, in my next possibly. I got a few other items as well, including a vest, two vintage fitted blazers, and skirt! It was a wonderful day for finding vintage items! With my mother's help I was excitedly running to the register with an armful! Well, my weekend has been stupendous. I hope yours has as well.

Now for my weekly outfit! This one was a lot of fun to do. I'm wearing a very long purple shirt (with an adorable design on the back I wish you could see). Around the waist, I took my nifty black ribbon and tied it in a neat little bow. The tights I'm wearing are something I picked up in Walmart for five dollars! I love them too, I've never seen any quite like them. The shoes are a nice pair of silk pumps I picked up while in Missouri a few months ago. In my hair is a piece I made myself. I took a hair band and a cute little black ribbon and glued it on. It just matches so well! And of course, my puppy Lydia is wearing a bow as well. She is always wearing some sort of bow (yes, I do this to her. She is just too cute, fluffy and white to pass up!). And on my neck is my favorite little faux pearl necklace. It's my outfit that screams, "I want Spring, now!" I do really miss the sun, and I want to be able to wear my clothes out and about without having a heavy coat on. :(

Well, hope you all enjoyed this short albeit rambling post, hehe. Enjoy your week.


Hunter said...

I can't wait to see what you've found!

Oh to be a Muse said...

cute tights, and i can't wait to see your polka-dotted vintage find!


Megan said...

Thanks! And the next post will have pics!

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