Hey everyone, Cruel Thing is having a fantastic blog giveaway! It's this wonderful vintage bag! The post and blog can be found here: here. Gorgeous isn't it? I think you'll agree with me when I say she has amazing taste. Alright, well, I'm posing this because I am entering in her nice, little contest so that I might have a chance at winning! To be honest, I'm excited, I've never really tried to win anything. Anyway, I'd really love to own this wonderful bag (I only have one) and I'm really trying to expand my vintage collection. And, we really don't have very many locations around where I live to buy vintage items. I think it's wonderful of you to do this too! Very generous, and quite smart, I can imagine the amount of people flocking in to claim this very dashing looking bag. I hope you choose me though, and until you announce who you do decide to pick, I have my fingers crossed and your blog bookmarked! So go on over to Cruel Thing's blog everyone, and enter to win her bag! Or, just read some other posts, they're all fantastic! Thanks for reading!


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