Hope you're all having a great weekend, I know I am, no work! Well, I'm going to hurry and write this post because I'm super busy lately updating and posting looks to my Lookbook account. Yup, I was accepted! I applied about two weeks ago with my first blog post picture, and to my surprise I woke up Thursday morning to find an acceptance email on yahoo! I was so surprised and excited, and I had to tell everyone in my house. Hehe, anyway,today, I'm going to share my two looks I posted on Lookbook with the you all.

First off, is this cute, somewhat revealing outfit I threw together yesterday. It's more fashionable than practical. I'm wearing my favorite pair of (surprise!) suede boots without tights, because I'm having trouble finding some nice floral/pattern tights. This would look so cute with them. I'm also wearing an old pair of pin-stripe shorts I bought at Penny's. They are so adorable, and comfy too. As for the top, it's something I bought in Missouri while visiting my boyfriend (who yes, helped pick it out). It's a black somewhat sparkle top with a cute little black ribbon that ties around the waist. As for the accessories, I'm wearing a light blue ribbon in my hair, a set of pearls and my favorite ring. I love this ring, it's so cute, and I wear it just about all the time. Of course, it pales in comparison to my claddagh ring, which I got as a Christmas present from Justin, my very special and wonderful boyfriend. Hehe. But, this was my second submission to Lookbook, and I thought I'd share. All in all, the outfit was actually fairly expensive, but I love every piece in it.

And now, for my second outfit! This was a really fun one. I finally gave into the fad, and bought a pair of nerd glasses, yes, I did. So, I put them to use in this shoot. I'm wearing that same dress in my first picture in my last post, and I'm also wearing my new pair of tights and my Oxford heels. The vest is an old vintage style piece that I got from a yard sale, for free! I've also been thinking about getting my hair cute. I really miss having bangs, but I love the length of my hair right now, and I know, if I go to get my hair done, I'll want the whole thing done, haha. But enough about that. If you comment, please, tell me about your favorite hairstyle! I'm really curious to know! Thanks again for reading!


Justin said...

I'm in this post, yay. ^_^

I like your hair however you have it. It's always beautiful. :)

Hunter said...

I like the second look a lot. It's very Luxe de Lacy. Haha, you make it look so warm outside!

Oh to be a Muse said...

i love that dress in the second look. and if you really want bangs, go for it!

Megan said...

Thank you so much!

Emz said...

I love your outfits! they're both sooo cute!

Megan said...


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